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Under 16s

We are passionate about inclusion, sport and social interactions for our superstars

At Woking Wolves, our Under-16s football program is dedicated to providing a nurturing and competitive environment for young athletes with disabilities. We believe that every teenager deserves the chance to pursue their passion for football, develop their skills, and enjoy the benefits of team sports. Our program is designed to be inclusive, empowering, and focused on the holistic development of each player.

We are about more than just playing the game. We work to create an inclusive community where young athletes with disabilities can thrive, develop their skills, and build a love for football that lasts a lifetime. We are committed to empowering every player to reach their full potential, both on and off the pitch.


Woking Wolves' Under-16s football works to meet the diverse needs of players with disabilities. Our coaches (all FA trained and DBS checked) try to ensure that all participants can engage meaningfully. Whether dealing with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities, we are flexible and responsive, creating a safe and supportive space for all.


At Under-16s level, the emphasis shifts towards more advanced skill development. Our training sessions are designed to challenge and enhance the abilities of each player, focusing on technical skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and tactical awareness. Our coaches help players refine their techniques and develop their unique style of play, fostering a deeper understanding of the game.


While maintaining an inclusive ethos, Woking Wolves' Under-16s program introduces players to a more competitive level of football. Monthly tournaments, and other friendly matches provide opportunities for players to test their skills against others, fostering a healthy competitive spirit. Teamwork remains a core value, with a strong emphasis on communication, cooperation, and sportsmanship. These experiences help build resilience, confidence, and a sense of achievement.


Football is not just about physical ability; it also plays a crucial role in personal and social development. Woking Wolves encourages players to overcome challenges, and build lasting friendships. By participating in team activities and social events, players develop essential life skills such as leadership, responsibility, and empathy. Our inclusive environment ensures that every player feels valued and part of the football community.


Maintaining physical activity through football has significant health benefits, particularly for teenagers with disabilities. Woking Wolves promotes regular exercise, which is vital for physical health and helps prevent secondary health conditions. Additionally, the mental health benefits of being part of a supportive team and achieving personal goals are immense. Our holistic approach ensures that the wellbeing of each player is a priority.


Woking Wolves' can be a stepping stone to future opportunities within and beyond the sport. We support players who wish to advance to higher levels of competition, pursue coaching or mentoring roles, or continue enjoying football recreationally. By fostering a positive and inclusive environment, we help players build a strong foundation for lifelong involvement in football.

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